Senior Real Estate Specialist

Why Work with a SRES?

What is the Difference Between a Realtor Who is Seniors Real Estate Specialist and a Realtor Who is Not?

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) has additional education on how to help seniors and their families with real estate transactions during the later changes in life.

Before selling your family home you need to speak to a SRES® to look at all your options. Are you able to afford staying in your current home? Or, would you be better off downsizing? Should you make modifications to make you feel more comfortable? Or, should you get a reverse mortgage? Compare your long-term goals, preferred lifestyle, health, and finances before making a final decision.

A SRES® will also provide you with valuable resources such as reverse mortgage specialists, senior move specialists, estate and medi-cal planning attorneys, and more. And, if you decide to sell your home, your SRES® will advise you on how to stage your home, make the right repairs and will coordinate showings and inspections while helping you get the highest value for your home.