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Time To Reflect

Remembering those who died in Newtown, CT

There were many topics that came to mind when I thought I writing today.  I considered topics such as the effect of Health Care Reform on property taxes; the local homes that have sold in the area, the current interest rates, etc. However, reflecting on the catastrophe that recently occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, I couldn’t resist commenting about it.

This is supposed to be a time of joy for everyone, especially for those little ones who enjoy the season so much.  Nevertheless, it will be the saddest season of all for those parents, siblings, grandparents and relatives who lost a loved one in that horrible event.

I can only pray that the Lord will give them the strength and inner peace that only He can give.  There are simply no words of consolation.  Events like this make me appreciate more all the blessings I have and value life and family even more.

New Year’s is around the corner.  We usually have resolutions for the year.  Lets make one of those resolutions to learn to constantly express our love to our family and our friends; and not focus so much on the materialistic life that abounds these days…. let’s not take for granted the blessings we have been gifted.

Happy Holidays!

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