Real Estate

New Year. New Goals.

Envision, Plan, and Achieve

This is the time of the year when resolutions are popular. People are excited to start new projects and make changes. They are determined to turn a thought into a goal and a goal into an achievement!

As much as these resolutions are important, there are others which may have a greater impact in one’s life. I’ve always thought there are seasons in life which influence the choices we make at the time.
Envisioning and planning for the future are part of every successful goal. For instance, selling or purchasing a home is a big step. It can be a stressful process and being prepared may ease the anxiety.

Some Things to Consider When You Purchase or Sell Your Home


1. Save money for your down payment and closing costs.

2. Review your credit report to ensure there is no erroneous information.

3. Do not use your credit on any major purchases.

4. Contact a lender to get pre-approved. A lender will advise on the available loans and prepare you financially to begin your search.

5. Contact a Realtor to represent you. A Realtor will guide you through the process and explain every step of the way. Remember to take notes and be realistic when viewing homes.


1. Declutter and make necessary repairs.

2. Interview Realtors and hire the best match for your needs.

3. Study the data provided by your Realtor and together agree on a realistic listing price.

4. Maintain a clean property inside and out. Remember curb appeal is the first impression a buyer has of your home.

5. Be flexible with showing times and leave the home when a buyer is viewing the property.

Be intentional and take action

It is easy to say “I want to” or “This year I will.” Nonetheless, we need to be intentional and take action. Time does not wait; and if we do not take the necessary steps to accomplish our goals, these will only be dreams. This is a great year to take that step. Purchase your dream home. Purchase that investment property. Or, sell to upgrade, downsize, or relocate. Whichever it may be, envision, plan, and achieve. Do not procrastinate.

Have a blessed and fulfilling 2017!

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