Real Estate

Six Tips To Keep Yourself Organized When You Tour Homes

Home buying can be fun and exciting but it could also be overwhelming.  Keeping yourself organized can give you more clarity and reduce some of the stress. Here are six tips to keep yourself organized when you tour homes.

Before you start your home search:

  • Know how much you can afford as well as how much you are willing and able to invest.
  • Write down what you must have in a house. For instance the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location or sq. ft., etc.
  • Write down what you would like but is not a deal breaker. I would list these in order of preference in case there are multiple homes you like with different features from your list.

Once you begin your home search:

  • Take your “must have” checklist with you.
  • Write notes on each house (after seeing several in one day, you can forget which one had what features).
  • At the end of the home tours, write down the pros and cons of each and determine which have the features you must have vs. what you would be okay not having.

As you view more homes, you will find that your criteria might change along the way. Keeping yourself organized and having a professional real estate agent who is in sync with your needs will make the process a lot easier. You will find it easier to decide on a house and be more comfortable with your offer.