Real Estate

Can Emotions Influence a Buyer’s Decision to Buy Your House?

When we think of marketing a house for sale, we think of staging, professional photography, a for sale sign and other advertising. However, although these are important to attract buyers to tour the house, how buyers feel and the impression they get when they walk in the door has a lot to do with their decision to buy. The moment you list your home for sale it becomes a product that you want to appeal to home buyers. You are not only selling the house but also what it can offer emotionally to the new owner…for instance, a feeling of contentment and tranquility or sense of security and well-being. How you present your house, will evoke either positive or negative emotions. Here are four actions you can take to help evoke positive emotions:

Leave the House

If you prefer not to leave for a long period of time, you can wait outside or go for a walk while the buyers are inside. It is very uncomfortable for buyers to tour the home when the seller is there.  They cannot visualize themselves in the home, nor can they explore freely. This hinders the interest they otherwise would have had if they felt more at liberty to tour the home.

Clean and Declutter

Buyers will wonder how the rest of the house has been maintained if it lacks cleanliness and has cluttered appearance.  Put away the dishes, throw away the trash, make the beds, close the toilet lid, pick up any toys, clothes or shoes.  It is an inconvenience to do this every time someone tours the house; however, the feeling of chaos will affect the impression they get and distract them from appreciating other important features of the house.

Let In As Much Natural Light As Possible

The creepy feeling of walking into a dark house is the last thing you want your buyers to remember your home for. Natural light is preferred, but if you are not able to have much natural light, turn on the lights of the house. Not only will natural light make them feel welcome but it will also make the space appear bigger and give them better visibility.

Remove Bad Odors

They say the sense of smell is powerful in provoking memories.  You want buyers to remember your house for its freshness not for the pet, cigarette, trash, or even food smell. You can light up a candle or plug in an air freshener. Opening windows to let fresh air will also help.

An experienced real estate professional will guide you through the process of selling your home from beginning to end.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and provide the experience you would like to have when touring a house yourself. If evoking positive emotions can help sell your home faster, why not take the steps to do so?