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Are You Still Working From Home?

Perhaps, when you thought it was temporary, you worked from your kitchen table or your living room couch. However, many employees will now be working from home in either a hybrid or a full time schedule. If you are one of these employees, you will need an area where you can have more privacy and comfort. Setting up an exclusive office area is important for a successful and productive work day.

Set up an ergonomic work area. Some employers are offering to reimburse for equipment and supplies. It is recommended that you, at least, have an ergonomic keyboard, chair, and desk. UCLA offers some great tips on how you can properly set your workstation.

Another recommendation is that you have a work area separate from your living space. This will allow you to create healthy boundaries between work and personal life. If you are not able to convert a room into an office, you should consider a shed or a tiny house. These can be customized so they are as comfortable as your office work area.

Working from home has its advantages. However, there should be a balance between work and home as well as a set up that is mentally and physically healthy. If you will be working from home more permanently, consider making adjustments to your home office in order to fully enjoy your new working environment.

Content photo by: Danielle Rice – Unsplash.com

Featured photo by: Olena Sargienko – Unsplash.com