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5 Tips for Sellers

pic two sofa chairs

Are you thinking of selling your home but do not know where to start?  The first recommendation would be to meet with your REALTOR® to get your home ready to sell.  You may also want to consider the following 5 tips to get your home ready to show:

  1. Declutter:  Organize closets and kitchen cabinets.  Buyers will look through them to get an idea of storage space.  Having a yard sale or donating to a thrift store may be the way to go.  There are also some apps where you may sell used items such as letgo, Varage Sale, or OfferUp.
  2. Clean:  Dust on top of the fireplace mantle, cabinets, and ceiling fans.  Clean windows and closets.   If you are too busy, hire someone to do some deep cleaning.
  3. Paint:  Paint the walls a neutral color.  This will help buyers visualize their furniture and decor in the home. Replace outside fascia and paint externally as well, if needed.
  4. Depersonalize: The idea is to allow buyers to picture themselves in the home. Remove personal pictures or other personal belongings.  Also, consider removing  pictures and magnets from the refrigerator.
  5. Stage:  Less is more. Move furniture around to create good flow in the room.  Create vignettes and highlight focal points.  Also, first impressions start with curb appeal.  Trim the front lawn and work on your garden.

These are only a few tips.  Put yourself in the buyers’ place and consider making repairs or other simple fixes which would encourage buyers to submit an offer.  These may be what makes the difference in getting top dollar for your home.

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