Real Estate

Looking to Buy a Brand New Home?

Have you ever driven by a new community and fallen in love with the model homes?  The staging, the ambiance, and the thought of being able to customize your new home can be very tempting.  In the excitement of things, you might not consider the need for REALTOR representation.  But, why should you? You are buying directly from the builder whose sales representative will take care of everything!

Well, purchasing a home, whether it is brand new or a resale, is one of the greatest investments in someone’s life.  The salesperson at the sales office is representing the best interest of the builder.  Not yours.  Consequently, you might want to consider having your own representation.  Most builders will cooperate with REALTORS as long as your REALTOR is present the first time you visit their sales office.

If you happen to stop by without your REALTOR, ask the salesperson if the builder cooperates with REALTORS and inform him/her you are represented.   If possible, provide your REALTOR’s business card. Do not fill out a registration card or sign any contracts without your REALTOR being present.

Your REALTOR can not only assist you in negotiating but also in advising you on what is or is not customary in purchasing a brand new home, what to expect during the process, how to compare your financing options, the pros/cons of upgrades, timeframes, and what inspections are required versus recommended.

Although you may purchase a brand new home without REALTOR representation.  You might want to weigh in representation vs. non-representation before making a decision to purchase a brand new home.

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